Monday, August 22, 2011

they just want to be loved on.

If I could ask parents to do one thing for me it would be, love on your children. That's the only thing they want, is to be held and hugged on. I was sitting with my little boy today at school and being autistic he doesn't exactly like to be loved on all the time. When he put his leg in his chair, pulled my arm around him and looked up at me and said "bear hug" my heart melted. I pulled him as close as I could and didn't let go till he wiggled free. Seeing how he knew what was going to happen I knew his parents loved on him at home but there are kids in his class that I feel have no idea what it's like to have that at home. But you can always tell the kids who don't get the attention they'd like at home. And that breaks my heart... When your out shopping and a child's crying, so many parents yell or spank their child when in all reality all they want is some attention. God gave me a passion to work with children, not to teach. but to love. I don't mind being hugged on, sat on, pulled on or even licked by the occasional child. And I thank Him everyday for giving me the desire to be there for those children.

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