Tuesday, August 30, 2011

be careful what you wish for.

So we've all been in that position where we want something so bad we can't stand it... for example: less than a month ago I was so ready to get out of the house and move to college. Then last night I had a small break down and was so home sick I couldn't stand it... After all the crying and frustration I called my Aunt and had a pretty intense heart to heart. This is a whole new beginning and I need to embrace every single moment of it. Stepping out of my comfort zone I went to Orange Leaf Sunday with some upper classmen and today I am making a grafitti t-shirt with the Phi Mu girls for a welcome back party... God put me through a tough time to show me that my family means more to me than I ever realized they did, and I need to appreciate them all the time. Not just when I need something.

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