Tuesday, August 23, 2011

letting go.

As I write this I should be packing for college, ha. I leave in two days and have nothing ready... but as I'm getting ready to go it's getting harder and harder. I know I need my independence and was even begging for it last week but there are lots of things I'm going to miss, like: my Ma June's Sunday lunches, my momma, my little sister, my puppy, okay all my family, my bed, my friends who aren't going to Georgetown (that's all but one of you, way to go guys! ((:   ). I was so ready to leave and now I'm ready to stay, funny how God can put it all into perspective when you need to focus and pack. (: I am thankful for all the people who have been a help to me while I was in Glasgow, now I have new people to torture and amuse with my stories... Love you all.

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