Monday, August 22, 2011

the empathy of children.

In my last blog I talked about volunteering in a local kindergarten class, and while today was my last day I have learned many valuable lessons from my kiddos.
Empathy: who can exemplify this more than kids who have no reason to judge or critique those around them. So many examples have been placed in front of me by God, all thanks to these children. Someone breaks a crayon and their neighbor says here you can use mine, picking up after each other and loving unconditionally. My aunt teaches second grade and she told me a story a few nights ago that went a little something like this...A young girl was injured in a dirt bike accident and was placed in a wheel chair, the other second grade girls made a schedule of who would push her and what time so they could share the responsibility, none of that being prompted by a teacher-they did it because they care. But my favorite story was this one: a boy in the class missed every single word on a spelling test that was given in class, he got really upset and a classmate came up to him and said, "your mom loves you, even if you can't spell." It brought tears to my eyes. Kids understand the concept of loving someone for who they are, when the adults who are supposed to be the example don't even do that.  I truly believe children are the closest to God anyone could ever be, they have their faults yet they love unconditionally being the perfect example.

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